• Building trust between the client and the commercial establishments
  • Commercial documentation of establishments in the directory through Thiqa Co.
  • User authentication by mobile number and e-mail
  • We contribute to the definition of business and services of commercial establishments in a distinct and integrated manner.
  • . A special page for each commercial establishment that displays all the information and services in a distinctive way.
  • Show the commercial identity and facilitate identification and access to the facility.
  • . Show page established on the evidence mapping system.
  • Filter the business activities of clients and users based on interests and industries.
  • An electronic brochure for each commercial establishment to correspond with the other establishments within the directory.
  • A special barcode for each commercial establishment page.
  • Electronic application
  • We provide new business opportunities for businesses and individuals.
  • The use of advertising packages is easy within the platform.
  • An electronic wallet that allows earning cash in exchange for receiving commercial invitations from other facilities. T
  • The directory features allow you to view competitors and search for business opportunities for business development.
  • Create a culture of reciprocity between enterprises and customers
  • Distinctive advertising packages in which the paid value is transferred to the target customers.
  • Ensure viewing the ad by setting a minimum viewing period.
  • Learn the opinions of customers and users and calculate the interaction metrics for the advertising packages.